Michael Coppola and James DeCava hold guitar workshop before Nov 9th show!

Newtown, CT – The Flagpole Radio Café continues its sixth season with brilliant and innovative jazz guitarist Michael Coppola.   At 6pm Mr. Coppola and luthier James DeCava will hold a guitar workshop in the Alexandria Room.   Mr. DeCava will have some of his exquisitely crafted instruments on display. Mr. Coppola will demonstrate his technique for playing his nine string guitar (affectionately called “The Hydra.”).  Guitarists of all ages and abilities are invited to join the fun

            Tickets are now on sale at www.flagpoleproductions.org .  The show begins at 7pm at the Edmond Town Hall in Newtown, CT.  Ticket prices are $30 for adults, $25 for students and senior citizens.  If further information is needed, please contact info@flagpoleproductions.org .

Luthier Jamers R. DeCava was born and raised in Stratford, Connecticut.  As a young teenager, he began playing guitar and banjo and soon realized that if something needed repair on his instruments, he had to do it himself as there were few repair people around at that time.  He began meeting others with similar interests ad came into contact with the well known Liberty Banjo Company.  He worked for them for many years making banjos, doing repairs, and cutting-inlaying mother of pearl with intricate designs.  Over the years, he has built hundreds of guitars, banjos, mandolins, and one of a kind instruments.  He has also become well known for building multi-string instruments.  He is the builder for Michael Coppola’s custom guitars.

Michael Coppola was listed as a main entry in acclaimed jazz critic Scott Yanow’s 2013 book The Great Jazz Guitarists (The Ultimate Guide) alongside guitar legends such as Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery and for good reason.  Mr. Coppola has become one of a handful of guitarists who have pushed the boundaries of the instrument.  Playing in a trio with master pianist John Mehegan inspired Mr. Coppola to overstep the technical boundaries of the guitar.  In an attempt to achieve the same tightly-voiced chords and pedaled legato phrases used by contemporary jazz keyboardists, he created the concept of the 8 String Guitar.  This original design, which Coppola commissioned from Luthier James DeCava, requires inner, rather than extra bass or treble side strings.

In 2000, Michael Coppola expanded his own idea to incorporate a 9th sting. This guitar, also built by Luthier James DeCava, is known in jazz guitar circles as “The Hydra.”  This became his instrument for life.  Michael has recorded several albums with this instrument and in the canon of reviews; one will find superlatives such as “unique, different, mind-boggling, magical,” and “inventive.”

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