May show postponed, rescheduled in Ridgefield

May 13, 2014

Good Morning Everyone,

 I am writing to you today with some disappointing news, an apology, and then some good news.

 First things first: It is with regret that I am have to announce that we will be postponing The Flagpole Radio Café show scheduled for this Saturday May 17.  A number of unexpected challenges have presented themselves; any single one them could have been addressed, but the collective total have made it undesirable, if not impossible to do a show.  I’m sure we could manage to get something onstage, but it would only be a disappointment.  That said, I apologize for the late notice.  In retrospect, I should have announced this sooner, but I was hoping to resolve the challenges.  Thank you for your patience and tolerance.

 Now for the good news:  We will have a show this May.  We have rescheduled the show for Saturday May 31, at 7pm.  Unfortunately, the Edmond Town Hall was not available on May 31, so we will be performing at the beautiful Ridgefield Playhouse in relatively nearby Ridgefield.  You may recall, we performed there last year for A Family Concert of Caring, Healing and Togetherness with Peter Yarrow and Dar Williams.  If you were not able to attend that moving show, I hope you were able to see the edited version on PBS.

And now for the really, good news (almost):  While I can’t announce the guest artist just yet, I can tell you with confidence that we have an excellent artist joining us.  I hope to be able to announce later today.  

So, check back for another email or visit our website tonight.  All things being equal, we will have information about the outstanding guest artist, and tickets for the May 31 show at the Ridgefield Playhouse will be on sale.


If you have already purchased tickets, we will issue new tickets for the May 31 show, or provide a full refund if you are unable to attend.

 Thank you so much.

 With warm regards,


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