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The Flagpole Radio Café

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Flagpole Radio Café  Musical Guest Artist


May 30, 2009

            Flutist and recording artist Wendy Musk was taught and inspired by several of the finest flutists of the twentieth century.  As a student she studied with the formidable Harold Bennett, First Flutist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, and at sixteen was enrolled at Boston University under the tutelage of James Pappoutsakis of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  During the summers of undergraduate school, Wendy received the Beineke Fellowship to play at the Tanglewood Festival where she studied with Doriot Dwyer and was a soloist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Michael Tilson Thomas and the New Music Festival under the direction of Gunther Schuller. She is also a recipient of the esteemed Koussevitsky Prize.  Gradating Boston University with a double degree in performance and education, Wendy joined the Masters program at the Juilliard School as a student of Arthur Lora and subsequently Julius Baker.  During her Juilliard years, Wendy co-founded the American Woodwind Quintet, which won the Artists International Award twice, debuted at Carnegie Recital Hall and joined the staff of teaching/performing artists at Lincoln Center Institute.  An avid advocate for arts-in-education programs, Wendy became the spokesperson and coordinator for the Arts Consortium for Education, representing fifty-six professional arts organizations. 

Wendy also went on to record five albums as half of the critically acclaimed duo Present Dreams, the other being  composer Richard A. Musk.  Present Dreams stands alone at the crossroads of many musical genres making music that uplifts, soothes, excites and inspires.  Present Dreams’ five albums have garnered international praise and are no available for purchase on iTunes.  Wendy teaches at the Fraser Woods School and resides in Newtown.