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The Flagpole Radio Café

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Flagpole Radio Café  Press Release


March 8, 2011





Newtown, CT - the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission is pleased to announce that acclaimed singer, songwriter, and raconteur Christine Lavin will lead a knitting circle one hour before the March 19th edition of The Flagpole Radio Café.  The knitting circle will take place in the Alexandria Room on the second floor of the Edmond Town Hall and begin at 6pm.  Participation is free and open to anyone with a ticket to the subsequent performance.

            Tickets are now on sale at . The show begins at 7pm at the Edmond Town Hall in Newtown, CT.  Ticket prices are $18 for adults, $15 for students and senior citizens.   If further information is needed, please contact us at

            Producer Barbara Gaines noted, “ We’re delighted to have Christine Lavin at The Flagpole Radio Café and are looking forward to the knitting circle with much anticipation. I hope seasoned knitters take their current project and novices grab a skein of wool and join us for the fun.”

            Christine Lavin is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and recording artist living in New York.  She has recorded 20 solo albums, the most recent being Cold Pizza For Breakfast on Yellow Tail Records.  She has also produced nine compilation CDs showcasing the work of dozens of songwriters whose work she loves.  One of these recordings, the food-themed One Meat Ball, includes a 96-page cookbook that Christine edited.  For four years she hosted Slipped Disks on XM satellite radio, playing CDs slipped to her backstage by compatriots, and is the occasional guest host for the City Folk Sunday Breakfast Show on WFUV-FM at Fordham University. 

             Ms. Lavin also writes freelance for various publications (including TheWashington Post, the St. Petersburg Times, Performing Songwriter, and Delta Sky magazine).  Her song "Amoeba Hop" has been turned into a science/music book by illustrator Betsy Franco Feeney and received the stamp of approval from The International Society of Protistologists, and a "Best Book Award" from the American Association for The Advancement of Science.

            The book The Pluto Files:  The Rise And Fall Of America's Favorite Planet, written by Neil deGrasse Tyson, head of the Hayden Planetarium in NYC, includes the complete lyrics to Christine's song "Planet X," which details Pluto's history and planetary status debate in rhyme. The book is published by W.W. Norton (and Christine got a "D" in Astronomy in college).

            Christine performs concerts all over the United States, Canada, and points beyond such as Australia, Germany and Israel.   A distinctive hallmark of her concerts is her hosting knitting circles backstage prior to each show.   Her latest book project, Cold Pizza for Breakfast:  A Mem-Wha?  is available in paperback, Kindle, iPad, and audio book formats.  Just One Angel, her latest compilation project (22 artists, 22 Christmas/Hanukah/Solstice/New Year's songs), was just released in time for the 2010 holiday season.

For those not acquainted with The Flagpole Radio Café, it is an engaging variety show created by Jim Allyn, Martin Blanco and Barbara Gaines in conjunction with the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission.  It features music by Jim Allyn and the Radio Café Orchestra, a dynamic ensemble created for the show, and radio style comedy sketches by the hyperbolically named Flagpole Shakespeare Repertory Theatre.  The Flagpole Radio Cafe is hosted by musician and radio personality Chris Teskey, who also broadcasts the show on his celebrated program on WPKN radio.  Each show features a musical guest artist such as Peter Yarrow, Vanesse Thomas, Phil Bowler and Yale’s internationally acclaimed male choir The Whiffenpoofs.