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The Flagpole Radio Café

   is a lively variety show presented by Flagpole Productions
in association with the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission

Flagpole Radio Café  Press Release


September 6, 2011



Newtown, CT - the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission is pleased to announce that veteran folk icon Jonathan Edwards will be the guest artist for the September 17 season premier of the The Flagpole Radio Café.  Tickets are now on sale at . The show begins at 7pm at the Edmond Town Hall in Newtown, CT.  Ticket prices are $25 for adults, $20 for students and senior citizens.  If further information is needed, please contact us at .

            Four decades into a stellar career of uncompromising musical integrity, Jonathan Edwards continues to deliver songs of passion, insight and humor; all rendered with his pure and powerful tenor voice.  Mr. Edwards remains a vital artist in today’s folk and Americana music scenes.  His impressive repertoire includes classics such as ‘Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy,” “Sometimes,” “One Day Closer,” “Don’t Cry Blue,” “Emma,” “Everybody Knows Her,” “Athens County,” “Shanty,” and of course the beloved anthem “Sunshine (Go Away Today).”  After 40 years, “Sunshine” continues to be embraced by faithful followers and new fans alike.  Since 1971, Mr. Edwards has released 15 albums, including Blue Ridge, his standard-setting collaboration with bluegrass favorites the Seldom Scene, and Little Hands, his collection of children’s songs which was honored with a National Library Association award. 

            Producer Martin Blanco remarked, “I am happy to announce that Jonathan Edwards  will open our fourth season.  He is a journeyman musician in the best folk and rock traditions with a strong following in Connecticut.  Many people will immediately recognize his perennial favorite “Sunshine,” but they will also recognize and enjoy the full depth of his repertoire.  Like most everyone else,  The Flagpole Radio Café has been challenged by the atrocious weather in August.  I believe our show with Jonathan Edwards will bring much needed joy and excitement to our community in the post-Irene days.”

            Mr. Blanco added, “The Newtown Cultural Arts Commission is also happy to invite all patrons who purchase tickets in advance to a pre-show reception in the Alexandria Room.  There will be light refreshments, music, and a chance to chat with The Flagpole Radio Café performers.  I hope to see you there.”

            Now beginning its fourth season, The Flagpole Radio Café, is an engaging show created by Jim Allyn, Martin Blanco and Barbara Gaines in conjunction with the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission.  It features music by Jim Allyn and the Radio Café Orchestra, a dynamic ensemble created for the show, and radio style comedy sketches by the hyperbolically named Flagpole Shakespeare Repertory Theatre.  . Each show features a musical guest artist such as Tom Chapin, Peter Yarrow, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Christine Lavin, Roger Ball of The Average White Band, Vanesse Thomas and Yale’s internationally acclaimed male choir The Whiffenpoofs.