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Program for November 6, 2010 with Tom Chapin

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Flagpole Radio Cafe Theme, Saturday at the Old Town Hall
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A History of Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving Day Parade
Only Autumn Knows

Special guest Tom Chapin
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All I Want to Give You is Everything
Veteran’s Day
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All My Life’s a Circle
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Saturday at the Old Town Hall and All I Want To Give You is Everything
music and lyrics by Jim Allyn;
Only Autumn Knows by Jim Allyn and Caeli Allen

TOM CHAPIN ’s adult concerts and recordings are sparked by strong, intelligent songwriting with clear, engaging vocals and theintricate, melodic guitar work that has become his trademark. His most recent recording Broadsides , a collaboration with John Forster, was released this month.

The New York Times calls Tom Chapin “one of the great personalities in contemporary folk music.” He says: “Mine is not a traditional music, but it comes from a tradition. My musical heroes are people like Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie who wrote and sang real songs for real people; for everyone, old, young, and in between.”

Three of Tom’s narrations won Grammy Awards for Best Spoken Word Album for Chil­dren: Mama Don’t Allow in 2001, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly in 2002, and The Train They Call the City of New Orleans in 2004.

His varied career has taken him to Broadway as lead in the musical Pump Boys and Dinettes, off-Broadway as musical director of both Cotton Patch Gospel and Harry Chapin: Lies & Legends and on television as host of Make A Wish on ABC, and as host of the documentary series National Geographic Explorer. He has contributed satiric topical songs to National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, poking fun at social and scientific trends in the news. He also has a cameo role in Jonathan Demme’s 2004 remake of The Manchurian Candidate.

In addition, Tom Chapin works tirelessly on behalf of many charitable organizations. He is on the Board of Directors of WhyHunger, a hunger organization founded in 1975 by Tom’s late brother, singer/songwriter/humanitarian Harry Chapin. He is active in environmental causes as well as in working to get music and the arts back in schools.

Jim Allyn, Rick Brodsky, Howie Bujese, Dick Neal, Chris Teskey
with Francine Wheeler

Martin Blanco, Barbara Gaines, Kate Katcher, David Wheeler

Written by Martin Blanco

with Jim Allyn, Barbara Gaines, Kate Katcher, John Morogiello,
Greg van Antwerp, and David Wheeler

  • Sound Engineers
  • Stage Manager
  • Box Office
  • General Manager
  • Graphic Design
  • David Shugarts, Dan Williamson
  • Ann Hithcock
  • Jennifer Johnston
  • Richard Gaines
  • David Wheeler

For those not acquainted with The Flagpole Radio Café, it is an engaging variety show created by Martin Blanco, Barbara Gaines and Jim Allyn in conjunction with the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission. It features music by Jim Allyn and the Flagpole Radio Café Orchestra, a dynamic ensemble created for the show, and radio style comedy sketches by the hyperbolically named Flagpole Shakespeare Repertory Theatre. The Flagpole Radio Cafe is hosted by musician and radio personality Chris Teskey, who also broadcasts the show on his celebrated program on WPKN radio. Each show features a musical guest artist such as Peter Yarrow, Vanesse Thomas, Phil Bowler and Yale’s internationally acclaimed male choir The Whiffenpoofs.